Easy, Clean Junk Removal

MyJunk2Go has redefined junk removal by emphasizing superior service. We build lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through excellent performance.

After removing junk or trash from your home or office we provide a detailed sweep up, and wipe down of all exposed surfaces. You can count on our junk team professionals to leave your home or office cleaner than they found it!

Our professional “MyJunk2Go” clean team are trained, insured, and bonded. We perform background checks on all employees to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

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White Glove Care

My Junk 2 Go offers a very special and select service to customers who would like the “white glove” junk removal service. We very carefully and with great emphasis on personal service removal any junk or debris from your home or office.

This is handled with the utmost care, with concern for the surrounding environment. For example we avoid bumping the walls, dragging boxes or bags across the floor or throwing items carelessly into the dumpster.

After removing junk or trash from your home or office we provide a detailed sweep up, and wipe down of all exposed surfaces. You can count on our junk team professionals to leave your home or office cleaner than they found it!

Once you have experienced the “White Glove” treatment you will see the difference for yourself. We treat all of our White Glove customers as if they are the Queen of England!

Call today for the white glove treatment 1-888-431-JUNK!

Residential Junk

MyJunk2Go is perfectly suited for cleaning out your house. House move-in or out whether it’s your apartment; condominium; attic; garage or basement we can remove anything. We are often called to remove unwanted junk; junk furniture removal; junk appliances; junk computers; junk electronics; junk cardboard; junk mattresses; shed demolition junk; clean up junk; clean out junk; move-in junk; move-out junk; one-time clean out; trash removal; trash and junk removal.

Outside Your Home:
We begin by removing all junk and trash which might be laying around, including windows, doors, broken fences/gates, old wood, trees, BBQ's, patio furniture, toys, etc.
Storm Debris clean up and junk removal.

Inside your Home:
We begin our Interior clean up by removing all the junk and debris, we sort and salvage anything in good shape, and then recycle.


  • Realtors get the best price on the sale.
  • Landlords clean properties in between tenants.
  • Property Managers clean up or Junk Hauling.
  • Owners to clean up their home after building or construction work.

Funeral: Help when your loved one has passed and you need to concentrate on the details of the funeral, renting the home or selling the home without unwanted items.

Seniors: We assist seniors, nurses, home health aids, care givers, protective services, and case management companies to clear junk and clutter from homes.

We work with professionals to help you regain order in your home or business, often eliminating year’s worth of junk and clutter. Hoarders often have a compulsive hoarding problem which requires medical intervention.

We offer free estimates for all of our services.
Call us today for the best pricing, professional and friendly service.

Commercial Pick Up

Manufacturing, warehousing and office facilities are constantly reconfiguring interior space, making more efficent use of existed space, discarding obsolete and unneeded items and materials and updating communication systems. Whatever your circumstances, MyJunk2Go should be your first call when you need junk removed from your commercial space.

Real Estate Owned Foreclosures

MyJunk2Go maintains property that a mortgage lender takes back into its care as a result of a foreclosure. In most cases there is nothing wrong with the property that is for sale other than the fact that the previous owner could not afford the payments. MyJunk2Go secures the property, remove any debris, conducts regular lawn maintenance and winterizes when necessary.

Property Preservation & Maintenance

MyJunk2Go offers a property maintenance service, which helps to provide the necessary property preservation to help mitigate the risk of holding foreclosure properties. We can secure the property, remove any debris, conduct regular lawn maintenance and winterize when necessary, Together with the property manager we work to keep a foreclosure in good condition.

Home Clean Outs

Some of our customers just want a basement clean out; others have a special project, such as a piano or hot tub removal. Garage cleaning, tenant clean outs, old furniture, whatever you project is, we'll remove the junk you don't want. Just call MyJunk2Go today at 1-888-431-junk to schedule an appointment.

Renovation Debris

If you're renovating space, and have junk you want to get rid of, MyJunk2Go has the solution. Call us today at 1-888-431-junk and we'll send a truck by everyday to clear away unwanted items and debris.

Demolition Clean Up

MyJunk2Go also has a demolition service which is available to customers who need walls, sheds, and small buildings, barns etc dismantled and removed. We knock it down and haul it away!

Construction Sites

Doing construction and have a lot of debris? Don't want a dumpster sitting on your property for days on end while you're doing construction? Call MyJunk2Go today at 1-888-431-junk and we'll send a truck by everyday until your construction is over.

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